Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

This is OoTMM, a cross randomizer between Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. You can find the items in either game, and the goal is to beat Ganon and Majora.

How do I switch between games?

The Mask Shop in OoT leads to Clock Tower in MM.

I got a trade item but it is only showing my previous one, what happened?

Press L to swap between trade items.

Can the MM Ocarina / MM Song of Time be found in Majora's Mask?

No, the logic expects you to have the Ocarina and Song of Time before doing any check in Majora's Mask. In other words, the MM Ocarina and MM Song of Time will always be placed in Ocarina of Time.

The Master Sword pedestal is empty and I can't become adult!

Currently, the Master Sword is shuffled and required to become adult. The swords are progressive, so you will also need to find a Kokiri Sword first. Note that the master sword pedestal is itself a check, as a result of Master Sword being shuffled.

I did not start with a free spiritual stone / medallion

This is normal. The Light Medallion check, given to you for free in OoTR, is now obtained when going adult for the first time. Note that it can also be a Boss Remains from Majora's Mask.

How do owl statues work?

The save system in Majora's Mask have been changed to be mostly similar to Ocarina of Time. As a result, there are no temporary saves anymore. You can save at owl statues, and the save will be permanent. It will also not kick you out of the game like it does in vanilla. Note that you don't need the owl statue to be activated in order to save. If you need to activate an owl statue for soaring but lack a sword, you can use a deku stick instead.

Logic expects me to go to Ikana Canyon but I don't have the Garo Mask!

The Gibdo Mask also works, this is vanilla behavior.

How does saving works?

In Ocarina of Time, you can save at any time, like in the base game. In Majora's Mask, you can save at owl statues. See the question about owl statues above. In addition to that, the game autosaves every time you travel between Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time.

Help, I saved right before the Moon crashes!

Don't worry. When travelling to MM, the game will always give you a grace period of at least 10 seconds before the moon crashes, going slightly back in time if necessary. That should be more than enough to equip the ocarina and play the song of time.

How do I get the Majora's Mask trade items back?

Just play the song of time. All trade items that you previously obtained will be given back to you.

How do I get the Gold Dust back?

In OoTMM, the gold dust is a permanent item that you need to use at some point, similar to ruto's letter. You will keep it through song of time and also can't sell it to free the bottle

What emulators are supported?

The recommended emulators are PJ64 (3.0 or later) and Mupen64-next (not Mupen64-plus!). If using Retroarch, there is a mupen64-next core you can use.

Other emulators have been less tested:

Is Everdrive supported?

There are some issues and bugs on everdrive, but it seems to be mostly playable. Regarding the everdrive revisions: X7 works, X5 may work. Older versions are reported not to work. Playing on everdrive, make sure you select "FLASH" as the save type.

Hint Distribution

These are the hints line up for the current settings of hints

Ganondorf will Hint Light Arrows Majora will Hint Oath to Order

Pedestal hints Medallions and Stones per age on their Location Sign in South Clocktown by Middle Hut hints Remains Locations


No Logic

Same as listed above but without WoTHs

Static Hints

The following NPCs or objects hint at some locations:

Additionally, the following NPCs have been altered to tell what they sell:

Always Hint Locations

What versions works for this rando?

Ocarina of Time: 1.0, U or J

Majora's Mask: U Only

Are any locked doors altered compared to vanilla?

One Key from Fire Temple and from Water Temple was removed from the dungeons and one door each was unlocked with this. This is done for logic purposes.

Fire Temple: In fire you can have hammer, in which case you can reach only one chest but there are two locked doors.

Water Temple: This is to ensure that you can always raise the water to the top.

My game is crashing under Retroarch

Make sure that the following is correct:

How can I keep track of shuffled dungeon items?

There is an in-game menu to help keeping track of that.
You can press L or C-up on the Map/Dungeon menu to open it. The dungeon items menu keeps track of the following:

Some of the spiritual stones seems to be locked behind adult

You do not need the 3 spiritual stones to open the door of time. What you need depends on the settings you chose:

In addition, note that you need the Master Sword to become adult.

What is the difference between "all locations" and "beatable only"?

In All Locations, logic will ensure that you can reach all locations in the games. In Beatable Only, logic will only ensure you can beat the games, but some locations may be permanently unreachable.