Multiworld Setup Guide

OoTMM has rudimentary multiworld support.


You'll need to download the following:

Make sure to configure Project64-EM like you would for regular Project64.
In particular, you need to set an Audio plugin and a RSP plugin (both are provided, but you need to select them).

Creating a Multiworld

One player needs to create a multiworld using the regular web generator. Be sure to set the Mode option to "Multiworld" and to set the correct amount of players.
This will generate a set of numbered patch files, one for each player.

Playing a Multiworld

Each player needs to get their patch file from the player that generated the multiworld. They can then use the web generator to turn their patch file into an OoTMM ROM.

To start playing and sending/receiving items, you need to do the following:

The multiworld client should then acknowledge that you've started playing and you should be able to send/receive items.


If you run into issues, you can ask for help on Discord, in the #tech-support channel.